Why Become an Airline Dispatcher?

Be Part of the Team that Makes Airline Travel Possible!

Aircraft Dispatchers have an important and prestigious job to do – they initiate and terminate every flight that you see leaving the airport!
They are an important part of the team that keeps air travel moving.  It’s a busy, fast-paced, prestigious, well-paid career with great benefits and excellent career growth opportunity.
Dispatchers licensed by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are in-demand, and highly respected and appreciated within the aviation community.

Graduates can get on-the-job technical training
alongside experienced professionals
managing flights from our Dispatch Center in Manila.

Did You Know?

There is a shortage of skilled aviation professionals worldwide and an increasing demand for US-certified Flight Dispatchers because FAA approved programs are considered the gold standard.

Why Choose the Airline Dispatch Academy?

  • International focus – FAA Approved aviation courses available to the global community. We offer distance learning options, and/or can bring our Dispatch Courses or Aviation Electronics Technician (AET) courses anywhere on the globe.

  • A Great Experience – we pick you up at the airport, and we manage your hotel and ground transportation for you!

  • A US-Based Education – FAA-approved FAR Part 65 Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Course via Distance Learning.   At the end of the Distance Learning period, students must travel to Guam, Cincinnati or Miami for 7 days to complete the ground course requirements and final exam.

  • Over 25 years of flight operations instructional experience, and 12 years of managing centralized flight dispatch operations for airlines.

  • Hands-on, real world experience. We offer a unique practical training module post-certification to enable you to practice your newly acquired flight planning skills on real flights, working side-by-side with experienced flight dispatchers and trainers. This substantially increases your marketability to prospective employers.

Our main campus is on Guam, the closest US territory to Asia!

Our students can choose the location to complete their seven-day on-site requirements – Cincinnati, Miami or Guam.

Students from Asia can reduce travel costs and jet-lag by choosing our convenient Guam location.  Outside of studying hours, you’ll enjoy the culture, sites, beautiful weather, etc. that Guam has to offer.

Asia-Pacific is a fast-growing sector for airlines!

And we introduce our top graduates to prospective employers!