Airline Dispatcher – A Prestigious Aviation Career

Pilots and flight attendants aren't the only ones with prestigious aviation jobs!

Dispatchers make important decisions that affect airline travel, and enjoy a good salary and benefits!

Who Should Enroll?

Who should enroll in Dispatcher Training
  • Individuals interested in working in flight operations for commercial airlines and corporate flight departments.
  • Existing flight dispatchers and corporate aircraft schedulers who are not certified and are interested in advancing their skills for promotion and career growth.
  • Pilots who are interested in moving into a flight operations management role or transition out of flying.

Be Part of the Team

Responsible for safe and efficient airline flights!

In the coming decade the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the trade association for the world’s airlines, representing some 290 airlines or 82% of total air traffic globally, forecasts a continuing need for airline dispatchers. Dispatchers are the key to airline’s safe and successful services and require no previous aviation knowledge or experience. Thousands of men and women in all global regions will be needed to provide the ongoing support needed by the world’s airlines!

The career of a  flight dispatcher is an exciting and rewarding one that provides a great salary and benefits.  You will prepare and manage flight plans, check weather forecasts, calculate required fuel quantity, assess aircraft technical condition, plan requirements for pilots and flight attendants, and much more. You will be part of team that provides all the necessary assistance and support to the crew in the cockpit over the course of the airlines’ service process.

Did you know?

There are two people responsible for the operation and safety of every airline flight - the Captain, who is in charge of conducting the flight, and the Dispatcher, who is in charge of initiating and terminating the flight safely.

Here’s How the Airline Dispatch Course Works

For students choosing Distance Learning + On Site Learning at One of Our Campuses

FAA Approved Airline Dispatcher Course

Tech Center Guam provides Aircraft Dispatcher Certification training approved by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  using online distance learning to individuals that have no aviation background.

Our unique program is a 200-hour course and can be completed in a matter of months; the majority of the training thru online computer-based study.

  • Choose your on-site course date. Most successful students choose a date 6 weeks or so in advance to allow for study time.
  • Register and pay tuition
  • Receive your username and password to log in to the online courseware
  • Receive your textbooks and other materials in the mail
  • Complete 138 of the 200 required hours at home, at your own pace
  • Take and pass the FAA Private Pilot and Aircraft Dispatcher Computer Knowledge Test
  • Travel to our campus in Guam, Cincinnati or Miami
  • We pick you up at the airport and make hotel arrangements for you
  • Enjoy our discounted rates at local hotels that provide daily breakfast and ground transportation to class
  • Participate in seven days of hands-on, practical instruction in a classroom environment
  • Enjoy island tours, water sports and other activities during your study breaks
    (keep in mind that you’ll be busy with your studies most of the time!)
  • Prepare for the practical exam, where an FAA Examiner will ask you to perform required tasks.

At the successful completion of our dispatch training course we have the ability to offer hands-on Technical Training in our flight operations center based in Manila, Philippines, which provides 24/7 support to scheduled airline carriers based in Southeast Asia.

Be ready for a prestigious, well-paid career in 4-6 weeks with no aviation experience!

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Requirements for FAA Certification

  • High School Certificate (or equivalent)

  • Valid Passport

  • Must be 23 Years Old to be FAA Certified.
    (You may take the test at 21.)

  • Level 4 English

  • Able to obtain a visa to the US for 7 days of training.*

Register for the Airline Dispatch Course

*We will facilitate the issuance of all necessary documentation to support the visa application, which you, the student, will take to your interview at the US Embassy